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Buy Cabinets Online in Chattanooga | The Standard: Cabinet Dimensions

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Getting the right cabinets for your home is important to us because it adds a lovely accent to the kitchen. That’s why we are your leaders for the best cabinets in your area! Most people are unaware that cabinet dimensions can make or break the fit in your kitchen, Let’s keep on reading for more information about how you can buy cabinets online in Chattanooga!

Base Cabinets

In the first place, base cabinets lay the foundation for your kitchen. For instance, it supports the sink, counter, stovetops and more that requires sturdiness.

Adding on, below includes the cabinet dimensions that are great for base cabinets:

  • Dimension: 34.5 in. (height without counters)
  • Dimension: 35 to 36 in. (height with counters)
  • Dimension: 24 in. (depth without counters)
  • Dimension: 25 to 26 in. (depth with counters)

Wall Cabinets

Moreover, wall cabinets are mainly used for food storage—similar to that of a pantry. Since they are at height level, they act as the “centerpiece” of your kitchen. We include the standard for wall cabinet dimensions including:

  • 12 to 48 in. (height)
  • 12 to 24 in. (depth)
  • 12 to 36 in. (width)

Tall Cabinets

Also, tall cabinets are treated as a utility place for storage that goes from the ceiling to the floor. The following dimensions are best suited to tall cabinets in your home:

  • 84 and 96 in. (height)
  • 12 and 24 (depth)
  • 12 to 36 (width)
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Are You Looking to Buy Cabinets Online in Chattanooga?

All in all, it is very important to us that you are getting the best cabinets to complement your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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Wood Cabinets in Grey Marietta | Types of Cabinets

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We want you to have beautiful cabinets to accent your home. The first place you should start is making sure that you are knowledgeable about cabinets to complement your kitchen. We want you to receive great cabinets but also be well-informed about them. Let’s keep reading for more information about wood cabinets in Grey Marietta!

Base Cabinets

First and foremost, base cabinets are those that are mounted on the floor. They are called base, because they act as the “base” or foundation of the features that will be placed on top. The base is the strong outer work for counters, sink, ranges, and dishwashers. 

Essentially, this is the part of your kitchen that provides the solid groundwork for a proper kitchen to function. 

Wall Cabinets

Moreover, wall cabinets are attached to the walls of the kitchen that are used for storage of lightweight materials. These are also known as the “showpiece” of your kitchen because it is the most visible feature. You can add special touches such as inserts or lighting.  

Tall Cabinets

Furthermore, tall cabinets are great for pantry space that range from the ceiling to the floor. 

The following dimensions are suitable for tall cabinets:

  • Height- 84 and 96 inches
  • Depth- 12 and 24 inches
  • Width- 12 to 36 inches
who can help me with wood cabinets in grey marietta for my kitchen?

Are You in Need of Wood Cabinets in Grey Marietta?

Lastly, we want you to get the best cabinets for your home. You can choose your new cabinets along with knowing its dimensions and functionality. Contact us today to learn more!

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Solid Wood Cabinetry in Palm Beach | Benefits of Solid Wood

who can help me find the best solid wood cabinetry in palm beach for my home?

Did you know that solid wood is a great accent to your kitchen? That’s why we are your leading experts for getting solid wood cabinetry in Palm Beach! Plus, we want you to have the best cabinets that will last for many years to come. So, keep reading more to learn about your local cabinet experts!

What is Solid Wood?

In the first place, solid wood is the best material for kitchen cabinets. This is because it is both durable and exceptional in appearance. The structure is referred to as “solid” because it involves ordinary lumber that does not have a hollow space. In fact, solid wood will be enhanced with a special vinyl coating to give it a glossy shine for many years!


Moreover, there are many benefits associated with getting solid cabinets! To add, you will be more than satisfied. They include:

  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Fire-resistant
  • Prevents water damage
  • Cost-effective


Furthermore, solid wood cabinets are designed with the use of the following materials:


Medium Density Fiberboard

  • composed of wood that includes wood fibers and resin
  • durable enough to prevent cracking


  • a vinyl substance to bond the wood to prevent outside particulates from compromising natural wood
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Are You Looking for Solid Wood Cabinetry in Palm Beach?

Last but not least, solid wood cabinets are the best feature to complement your kitchen. Therefore, you should be able to have cabinets that you can be proud of. Contact us today to learn more!